Fashion Business Project

Move your first step in Fashion Industry through our On-Line Diploma Program and Internship

November  2020 - March 2021

Our Program at a Glance

Flexible Learning

Live or recorded modules make it easy for you to enhance your knowledge and improve your skills without taking time from your study and/or work

Continous Support

Every week our staff will meet you on-line and help you improve your work

Safe Experience

You will work on one or more projects of a premium fashion brand while staying safely at home

Team Building

How many times have employers asked whether you ever worked in a team? We will help you build and manage your working group

Reasonable Work Load

Webinars and follow-up sessions: Once or twice per week. Both will be held in the early evening (Paris/Rome time). Recorded webinars are available


Precious Project Work

Each group of students will work on a project related to one or more markets for our partnering fashion company. The group will apply their competences in products, design, marketing and management

Final Certificate

The final certificate will be issued by a leading Italian fashion company. It will be an asset you can bring to your current university or your future employer

Affordable Tuition Fee

€ 250 EURO. 


Ask our staff if some discount applies: it depends on the country where you live and the university you attend.

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Are you ready to join our Fashion Business Project?

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