Green Economy & Renewable Energy Management: Make Experience On How You Can Change the World!

Our online diploma program + internship is a unique opportunity for students interested in building a career in different areas of Green Economy. The program is designed to equip students with skills and competencies required in order to responsibly face these new challenges through one or more projects done in collaboration with European companies throughout the last part of 2020. Future managers, engineers, architects and energy experts will find here a unique source of knowledge and inspiration for their next steps.

Our Program at a Glance

12 October  2020 - 8 January 2021


Executives and engineers will teach you about sustainability, green economy, renewable resources, the economy of renewables, evaluation of green projects, technologies for renewable energy etc.

On-line Meetings

A  weekly conference held by industry experts will instruct you on how to work in your team and on your project successfully. You will develop new ideas and share yours. The topics will include (but not be limited to) geopolitics of hydrocarbons, challenges to the renewables, sustainable innovation management, risk assessment and management.

Project Works

Your group will be assigned a project proposed by a partnering company. At the end of the program you will deliver a presentation of the work done. Webinars, follow-up sessions and online meetings will help you go beyond your limits and do your best.

Team Work

We will build groups and encourage participants to work in a team. Although it will be possible to work on individual basis, we strongly believe that team-building and team-working are valuable experiences. The teams will be built in a way that different skills match and integrate together.

Final Certificate

The final certificate will be issued by the project's company. It will be an asset you can bring to your current university or your future employer. If your university has some special requirements in terms of wording, please let us know.

Issued by...

All our partners are European. They include a steel components and engineering company, a energy company worth 7 billions, a leader in water power etc.

Work Load

Webinars, online meetings with experts and follow-up sessions: once or twice per week. All programs will be held in the late afternoon/ early evening (Paris/Rome time). The final schedule will be released after 6 October.

Tuition Fee

€ 250 (unless some discount applies)

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