Renewable Energy Management  Project

Diploma Program + Internship

8 February - 30 April 2021

Our Program in Short...

The purpose of this program is to give students the opportunity to make practical experience in a real project of Renewable Energy in collaboration with one or more European companies while supported by webinars and follow-up sessions held by industry experts.

Tuition fee is € 250 EURO: however, if you sign up online now, you will get 25% discount. Don't miss this opportunity!

Who We Are...

Our Students Speak...

Our Program at a Glance...

1- The Duration

From 8 February to 30 April 2021 (roughly, 3 months)


2- Flexible Learning

There will be 1-2 webinars on weekly basis with breaks during Christmas/New Year holidays. Webinars and online meetings will be scheduled around 5-9 PM, CET (which is the time zone of Paris, Berlin and Rome)


3- Live and Recorded

Webinars will be available both live and recorded. Follow-up sessions (when the instructors help you fix problems with your project) will always be live.


4- Benefits for You

Our program will give you the opportunity to put yourself to the test and gain experience for your own CV. 


5- Team Working

How many times have employers asked whether you ever worked in a team? We will help you build and manage your working group.


6- Training for the Project and for the Rest of Your Life

Be they live or recorded, through our webinars you will learn about sources and technologies of renewable energy, feasibility, green innovation management and much more


7- Prerequisites

At least basic university level of one of the following: Engineering, Mechatronics, Energy, Information Systems and Marketing. If you have substantial self-made knowledge and no university experience, you may also be considered.


8- The Final Certificate

It will enrich your CV by acknowledging the professional experience accomplished and all the works done. Even if the program is not for credits, it will provide you with a valuable statement of this whole experience: most of universities take it as a curricular experience.


9- How Can I Pay?

You can pay by card or by bank. If a few countries where payments are more problematic, we have respected agents who will collect your payment without any extra charge. Upon demand, we can accept payments in USD, CHF, and GBP.

Are you ready to join our project?

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