We are always stimulated by the comments of our students and inspired by their advices

David Rossi, Director

Many thanks to @james_themac @shehab_ibrahim @youssef_amrr @abdelrahman_mamdouh97 @monicafekry @ dalia_gamal95 @inas_ahmaddieh @ramikhalil @itsabatatiana and others. You will find all on our Instagram Page 

A students counsellor speaks...

Toka: Motors a Passion for both Men and Women

James speak about his experience with our Formula E-Car Project

The best Formula E-Car project of September '20: the students speak

Monica: former student and assistant group leader in Italy

Dalia: former student and assistant group leader in Europe

Dr. Suzette Michel: a dean of Architecture who knows us very well 

Best e-kart of summer 2020: one of the engineers speak

3 Lebanese students and a solar car project on July 2020

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